Saturday, January 08, 2011

No Evolutionary Evidences for the Descent of Man

Frank Sherwin writes that the list of evidences that were supposed to validate man’s evolutionary ascent from “lower” life forms has been expunged by decades of good scientific research.

For instance, recently discovered footprints look surprisingly human. Creation scientists are vilified for suggesting the unthinkable—perhaps they were actually made by humans!

Dentists with a Darwinian philosophy may suggest removing wisdom teeth because of the “evolution” of the human jaw. Although some molars may indeed need extraction, it demonstrably has nothing to do with evolution.

Many evolutionists point to chronic back problems as evidence that humans recently stood upright from tetrapod ancestors. But back troubles most directly correlate to bad habits, injury, or other abuses. Evolution has exactly nothing to do with back pain.

Many secular schools still teach the unscientific concept that structures such as tonsils, adenoids, and the appendix are useless vestiges of an evolutionary past.

There is no fossil evidence that man evolved from some subhuman creature. One science writer put it, “The last common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans remains a holy grail in science.”

(extracted from Frank Sherwin, "Design of Man: No Evolutionary Evidences", Acts & Facts, January 2011, Institute of Creation Research)

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