Sunday, August 05, 2012

Still poor, husband still drunk, but now Bhagaila is happy!

For Bhagaila, there was a distinct before and after. Before she became a Christian, Bhagaila had problems at home. She was poor, and her husband was a drunkard. Since becoming a Christian, Bhagaila is still poor, and her husband is still a drunkard. And yet everything has changed. "Now we don't have problems like before," she said. "Now we are happy."

After Bhagaila converted from Hinduism to Christianity, her husband began to beat her. He said, "I don't want you anymore because you are a believer. Your church will take care of you." One beating damaged her left ear, but she wouldn't leave. VOM paid for the surgery to repair her eardrum as well as a surgery to correct her daughter's birth defect.

Like many new believers in Nepal, Bhagaila has faced more problems from family and neighbors than from the government. However, when Christians are beaten, abused or expelled from their homes, they know they won't get help or protection from the government either.

By outward appearance, Bhagaila's life may have gotten worse after she came to know Christ. And yet, she said, "I am very happy to be a believer." She asks only for prayer. "Pray that I will be a strong believer so that whatever comes in my life I will not give up my faith. Now my husband is walking in the darkness. Please especially pray for my husband, that he will know Jesus. I will be very happy to see my husband walking in the light."

(From Voice of the Marters newsletter, June 2012)