Saturday, January 08, 2011

New Young Earth Creationist Science Curriculum for Schools

"The Institute for Creation Research unveiled its new Science Education Essentials curriculum at Christian school and homeschool conventions across the United States this past fall.

"Science Education Essentials is a series of science teaching supplements that exemplifies what ICR does best—providing solid answers for the tough questions teachers face about science and origins.

"This series promotes a biblical worldview by presenting conceptual knowledge and comprehension of the science that supports creation. The supplements help teachers approach the content and Bible with ease and with the authority needed to help their students build a defense for Genesis 1-11.

"Modules include: 

"Each supplement includes a teacher's manual and a CD-ROM packed with K-12 reproducible classroom activities designed to work within your school’s existing science curriculum, with an uncompromising foundation of creation-based science instruction.
"If you work in a Christian school or homeschool your children, visit for more information about obtaining these Bible-based science curriculum supplements for your school."
(For more, read, 2011. ICR Science Curriculum Debuts at Education Conferences. Acts & Facts. 40 (1): 18.)


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