Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The concept "Natural Selection" is Magical!

Apologetics Professor James Johnson observes: Bait and switch is a tactic often used by evolutionists, but it was used by the Creator’s detractors long before Darwin and Huxley. The serpent baited Eve, in Eden, with the promise that eating the forbidden fruit would make Adam and Eve “as gods” (Genesis 3:5). This was the first and worst case of false advertising.

But Darwin’s sophistic marketing phrase “natural selection” likely holds the record as the slickest bait and switch ploy of evolution’s marketing team. By using the word “selection,” Darwin necessarily implies a “selector,” a decision-maker capable of making an information-based choice.1 Yet, by using the adjective “natural,” Darwin appears to remove the supernatural—i.e., God the Creator. An inanimate “pond” of mythical “soup” has no intelligence for selecting anyone or anything, so the phrase “natural selection” is itself a semantic bait and switch—implying intelligent decisions, then switching to a physical environment of nonliving “stuff” incapable of intelligent selection.

This is a fatal flaw in the attempted logic of evolutionary theory, because the magical phrase “natural selection” is absolutely needed to provide a theoretical mechanism to allow the possibility of past and present diversity of life (in their breedable kinds) on earth, apart from a Creator just like the God of the Bible.

But, there is no natural “selector” to substitute for God. So, because evolutionary theory cannot explain the arrival of earth’s living creatures, there are no logical candidates to be the “survivors” who are “fittest.”

(from James J. S. Johnson, Bait and Switch: A Trick Used by Both Anglerfish and Evolutionists, Acts & Facts, January 2012, Institute for Creation Research)

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References (selected)

1. Johnson, J. J. S. 2011. Slow Death for a Tarantula: A Lesson in Arachnid Apologetics. Acts & Facts. 40 (10): 10-11.

Muslims on the Far Side of China turning to Jesus

The following testimony is from a Uyghur brother in far northwestern China who grew up as a conservative Muslim:

"After I married, I was crippled in an accident. I couldn't move and my legs were in constant pain. A friend gave me a Bible, and I began reading it. When I reached the place where Jesus healed the paralytic I began crying and asking God to heal me. I fell asleep with the Bible on my chest and dreamed that a radiantly white man approached me. He reached out His hand and said 'Get up and walk.' When I woke, my legs were healed! That encounter with Jesus has transformed my life. Now I live for Him alone."

Thank the Lord for His marvelous grace. Pray that many other Uyghur Turks will have supernatural encounters with Christ and become his disciples. We are told there have been several recent baptisms.

Ask for God's blessing on Christian radio broadcasts and other media reaching China's Xinjiang province. Pray that many Muslim Uighur Turks in this predominantly Turkish district will tum to Christ as a result of these programs.

Also, please continue to pray for Alimjan, a Uighur brother in Xinjiang sentenced to 15 years in prison because of his faithful witness. He faces harsh conditions daily. Please also uphold his wife Gulnur and their two children, who are constantly monitored by the state.

(from a Christian prayer letter, January 2012)

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