Saturday, July 07, 2012

Humanzee? No, scientific bias!

The story is that there is "nearly identical” similarity between the DNA of humans and chimpanzees. Does good science support this?

It turns out that a wide assortment of key secular human-chimp DNA research publications have something to hide. All analyzed cases of reported high human-chimp DNA sequence similarity are based on biased data selection and exclusion techniques. DNA sequence data that are too dissimilar to be conveniently aligned are omitted, masked, or completely excluded. Furthermore, gap data within DNA sequence alignments are typically omitted, further biasing similarity estimates. These are the findings of a report by Jeffrey Tomkins and Jerry Bergman in the April 2012 issue of Journal of Creation.

Humanzee? No... Photoshop!
These highly selective data-discarding techniques, fueled by Darwinian dogma, lead to the commonly claimed 98 percent similarity in DNA between human and chimp. Based on the reanalysis of DNA similarity estimates using discarded data in leading secular research publications, it is safe to conclude that genome-wide DNA similarity between human and chimpanzee is not more than 81 to 87 percent identical. These numbers are in good agreement with the range of estimates obtained by independent research at the Institute for Creation Research.1

One must keep in mind that the chimpanzee genome is larger than the human genome by at least 8 percent (based on current data). Therefore, overall genome similarity between human and chimpanzee is most likely lower than 81 percent.

You may remember the "New Math". This is the "New Science" - if you have data that doesn't fit your theory, just hide it somewhere!

Good science should admit that an honest comparison of humans and chimpanzees points not to so-called "natural selection", but to an Intelligent Designer. Who could that be? We have someone out there who has already laid claim to that role - the God of the Bible!

(based on Jeffrey Tomkins, 2012. Journal Reports Bias in Human-Chimp Studies. Acts & Facts. 41 (6): 6.)

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1. Tomkins, J. 2011. Genome-Wide DNA Alignment Similarity (Identity) for 40,000 Chimpanzee DNA Sequences Queried against the Human Genome is 86-89%. Answers Research Journal. 4: 233-241.