Saturday, January 08, 2011

Children's Textbooks Still Teach False Evolutionists Claims

"All the scientific evidences supposedly supporting evolution that were slated for use in the famous Scope Monkey trial of 1925, have been thoroughly discredited today. Even evolutionists no longer use them.

"But these discredited evidences are still repeated in school textbooks today! When confronted, evolutionists admit the faulty claims, but insist they still be used in textbooks since there are no better claims that are so effective in teaching evolution(!) And so millions of American schoolchildren each year are indoctrinated in a false worldview.

"Consider, among others:
  • Neanderthal Man—a fully human people group, with art, music, agriculture, weapons, etc.
  • Piltdown Man—an embarrassing scientific forgery; an ape’s jaw coupled with a human skull-cap
  • Nebraska Man—touted as an ape-man, but represented by nothing more than a fossilized pig’s tooth
  • Embryonic recapitulation—forged drawings of embryos that supposedly show humans related to the animals
  • Peppered moth—mere color shifts in a population that have now shifted back
  • Vestigial organs—thought to be evolutionary leftovers, but now known to be functional
"Nevertheless, truth will win out. Christians are attempting to regain lost ground in the political, educational, and religious arenas. Interest in creation still flourishes today, spawning thousands of creation scientists, hundreds of creationist organizations, and millions of creation believers. Polls taken in America consistently show a majority of people hold to some form of creation, especially young-earth creation.

"Things are not what they should be, but neither are they as bad as before. What a wonderful time to be a Bible-believing Christian/creationist recruit in the Lord’s army.
(extracted from John D. Morris, "The Creation Worldview and the Scopes Trial", Acts & Facts, January 2011, Institute of Creation Research)

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