Friday, March 04, 2011

Living Fossils support Biblical Truth

The Genesis Flood provided the best explanation for earth’s major surface features. Drs. Morris and Whitcomb also pointed to “living fossils” as evidence that refutes evolution’s long ages. Since then, many more of these have been found.

Living fossils are “supposedly ancient and long extinct creatures which have suddenly and unexpectedly turned up in the modern world.” They openly challenge the vast ages posited by evolutionary theory by showing none of evolution’s expected changes in body plans over supposedly vast time spans.

In August 1994, a “dinosaur-age” tree called the Wollemi pine was discovered alive and well in Australia. It was declared the “botanical find of the century.

Petrographic images of Mariprofundus-like stalks from a 350-million-year-old rock associated with an ancient hydrothermal vent site are indistinguishable from modern-day organisms.

The evidence of living fossils is one of the scientific observations made in the seminal book The Genesis Flood, written 50 years ago this month by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris. It is even more scientifically valid today than when first written. Most of the perspectives that were laid out by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris in their 1961 publication have been verified beyond reasonable doubt by ongoing observations.

(extracted from Frank Sherwin & Brian Thomas, Genesis Flood Insights More Relevant Today than Ever, Acts & Facts, February 2011, Institute of Creation Research)

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