Saturday, March 05, 2011

Little fruit among the hard to reach

How much time would you be willing to invest in someone's life to bring them to Christ before you became discouraged and quit trying? Could you do it for five years? What about 10 years? It has taken Trent* and Kassie*, missionaries working among South Asian Muslims, 20 years to build relationships with 10 families. Despite commendable efforts, they have seen little fruit. "We have continued our visits and tutoring in homes, but have been frustrated by their dismissal of the Bible as the true word of God. We need more prayer," said Kassie.

Many of these Muslims try to win Allah's favor through superstitious practices. Three-year-old Allana*, who is fighting a deadly disease, is rarely without her amulet. Her mother gave her this special necklace to ward off evil. Families like Allana's are hard to reach, and it can be difficult to continue in ministry when there is little evidence of fruit. However, Trent and Kassie have not given up. Recently, they gave DVDs that tell who Jesus is in the native language to eight of the 10 families they are working to reach. Please pray with Trent and Kassie that God will soften the hearts of their Muslim friends.

(from the OnSite with Christar newsletter, February 2011, issue 25)

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