Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Cambodian Rice Farmer Reaps an Eternal Harvest

About 95 percent of people outside of Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, are rice farmers. They struggle to have enough rice to feed their families for the whole year or even six months out of the year. This is the story of one of those rice farmers, who became interested in Christianity.

At first, along with all the other villagers, he did not want to have anything to do with the Christians. But then he saw how much they loved each other and others, that they had good community and closeness; that they did not have domestic violence in their families, which is said to be the biggest problem in Cambodia.

Because of the "good works" he was seeing, he became interested in Christianity. He began asking questions and eventually attended the local church gathering. Finally, he decided to accept Christ. He did not accept Christ to receive the good things that he saw - but those things intrigued him and he wanted the peace he saw in the lives of Christians.

He took the "spirit house" out of his yard; and, although he still has some fear, he said he is trusting God. I asked him how his life had changed since he has become a Christian. He said he used to yell at and threaten his wife and children and that has stopped. He has a desire to help other people and especially likes to help families in their conflicts.

I could see the light of Christ in this man's eyes and am so thankful that he has become a believer. There are about twenty people from his village that take a truck to the church, and many of them are still "searching."

God bless the rice farmer who has learned the love of Jesus and who touches the families of his village.

(from a missionary in Cambodia, as reported in CrossWorld Currents newsletter, February 2011)

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