Sunday, March 06, 2011

Muslims discriminate against adoption

Muslims are victims of the perverted social order Mohammed implemented with his actions that destroys families and societies. Although orphanages in Egypt are full, it is illegal to adopt children. Only four of 47 Islamic countries - Tunisia, Indonesia, Iran and Azerbaijan - allow adoption.

In the Quran, Chapter 33, verses 4, 37 and 40, Mohammed describes how he confiscated his adopted son's wife in the name of Allah. To simplify this arrangement, Mohammed established that the children of his adopted son could never become his own.

Qur'an Chapter 33: Al-Ahzab verse 4
Mohammed's example of denying orphans a family so that he could expedite his lust has become a curse that has been handed down for 1,400 years. Today, an orphan may be sponsored by a new "parent," but the orphan may never receive the sponsor's name or property. And the child can be reclaimed by the state or by relatives at any time. Mohammed's attack on the family structure is further advanced in the Quran, Chapter 33, verse 50, where he gives lustful permission for sex with other relatives.

The same destructive principle applies to the adoption of Muslims into the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Muslim background believers are the most hated of all citizens in Muslim countries. Their spirtitual adoption into the Christian family is forbidden in most Muslim countries.

(from Tom White, Voice of the Martyrs, March 2011)

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