Saturday, September 18, 2010

ProtoAvis - "We try harder?"

"The problem with Protoavis is that it appears in the fossil record around the same time as the earliest dinosaurs. If it's a bird, then it seems highly unlikely that birds are descended from dinosaurs. In fact, in such a case it wouldn't be clear what birds are descended from."
In 1961, Avis Rent-A-Car started its well known "We Try Harder" advertising campaign.

Well, now there's Protoavis. This is one of the "earliest" birds found by evolutionists. But it seems that to evolve into Protoavis, dinosaurs tried so hard that they grew feathers ahead of schedule! See Casey Luskin's article "Inconsistent Reasoning Governs Evolutionary Interpretations of Feathered Dinosaurs" at the Discovery Institute.

So what's next for Evolutionists? Instead of birds evolving from dinosaurs, maybe it's the other way around! "We're going to have to conceive of dinosaurs as being more like birds." Fasten your seat belts! Maybe they'll find Proto-Rent-A-Wreck next...

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