Monday, September 13, 2010

Disciples of Jesus Die Differently

Word is spreading in Southeast Asia that people who believe in Isa Al Masih (Jesus, the Messiah) die differently than everyone else. They don't fear death. Often, before dying, they confess, "He is here to pick me up." People are, for the first time in their family history, forsaking the occult when they feel oppressed. Instead they are relying on Isa to answer the prayers that they lift to Him when they are struggling.

"Our people have always gone to witchdoctors whenever they have proglems. Islam forbids it, but we didn't know what to do with our problems, so we continued to go to the witchdoctors. They always gave us a quick 'solution.' But now we are discovering that Isa is much more powerful at taking care of our fears. Sometimes He takes a long time answering our prayer, stretching our faith and patience. But sometimes He answers very fast and really shows us what He can do."

(from CrossWorld Today prayer bulletin, Summer 2010)

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