Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christian Prayers are Very Different

"... from those generally offered by Muslims. In Islam, prayer is rigorous, monotonous, and oppressive. In Mohammed's religion, ritual prayers are required five times a day and must be preceded by the cleansing of one's hands, mouth, nostrils, face, arms, and feet with water (or sand when water is not available). Each of these actions is done three times in succession. Without this, a prayer is considered to be of no effect.

"A Muslim must repeat specific prayers memorized in Arabic. No other language is said to be acceptable to God, even if the person doesn't speak or understand Arabic -- which the majority of Muslims do not. These memorized prayers are regarded as 'good works' that will be placed on a person's account for the Day of Judgment if carried out properly. However, a prayer is considered to be of no worth if incorrectly recited or at a time not prescribed by Muslim authorities. Muslims are forbidden to pray in a bathroom or any other place considered unclean.

"Islam requires that its followers pray in the direction of a black stone encased in the Ka'bah, a rectangular shrine in the city of Mecca. They must also perform extremely intricate movements in prayer. They bow, kneel, stand, turn their heads a certain way, place their hands to the front, and so on. Men and women are not allowed to pray together. In fact, a woman is forbidden to even raise her voice in ritual prayer if her husband or another man is present.

"How wonderful it is that followers of Christ are not limited in the place, time or posture of prayers. We have immediate access to God's Throne wherever we are and in whatever circumstances. Pray that multitudes of Muslim men and women will come to know this blessing."

(from a Christian prayer bulletin, September 2010)

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