Friday, July 27, 2012

Abortion clinics in Pennsylvania must now meet outpatient surgical center standards

We think that clinics is where healing takes place. At abortion "clinics", healing is definitely not on the agenda, just the opposite.

What happened on June 27th is that Act 122 of 2011 went into effect in the state of Pennsylvania. Now, surgical abortion facilities in the state face tough new regulations and oversight that are forcing some out of business. Those that remain in the death business face serious scrutiny and regular inspections - the lack of which for nearly two decades led to the terrible Gosnell "House of Horrors" abortion scandal.

More than three-quarters of abortion clinics are located in black and minority communities. Abortion is the leading killer of African-Americans, greater than all causes combined.

It's hard to forget. Countless numbers of late-term babies were born alive, moving, breathing - only to have their spinal cords cut with scissors by this so-called "doctor," Kermit Gosnell or one of his underlings. Women died, or were left sterile, maimed or suffering from venereal diseases passed on through unclean surgical instruments. Multiple murder charges were filed, and trials are underway.

And the grand jury reported that "from the highest levels of former-Governor Ridge's administration," (in 1995) a decision was made not to inspect or oversee abortion clinics in Pennsylvania. Thus, this lucrative industry was given free rein for nearly two decades under Pennsylvania governors Ridge (Republican) and Rendell (Democrat).

Thankfully, neither of those "pro-choice" governors was still in office when the grand jury report came out. Pennsylvania's new governor, Tom Corbett (Republican), ran on a pro-life platform, and in one of his first official acts after being sworn in, he took swift action that included dismissal of some bureaucrats implicated, and instituted emergency inspections of all abortion clinics in the state. He also ordered more regular scrutiny on the clinics.

Last year, the Pennsylvania Senate Health Committee met to consider legislation. They found an expert OB-BYN physician, who provided compelling testimony. He made it abundantly clear that there was simply no reason that an abortion clinic should not have to meet the same health and safety standards that every other outpatient surgical center must meet. He had the facts and medical expertise to back it up.

Despite the fact the African-Americans are the group that suffers most from the abortion, their lawmakers are captive to special interests: their party, and the abortion industry. However, there was one African-American lawmaker who did vote for the new regulations. Rep. Margo Davidson (Democrat, Delaware County), made moving speech on the House floor. She said, in a quavering voice:

"I am supporting House Bill 574 on behalf of my cousin who was killed at the Gosnell clinic."

The bill became law, and starting on June 27th, 2012, it begins to bear fruit!

New legislation has now started moving to require abortionists to allow women to see the ultrasound image of their unborn child before an abortion (basic informed consent). Planned Parenthood and their allies cried "rape!" Really!

The news media parroted these charges of "rape," and emails from across the country flooded the Pennsylvania Capitol. Many lawmakers got cold feet.

Please pray for this cause to move forward. It is the cause of life, the defense of religious freedom, and for God's design for family and marriage.

(excerpted from Michael Geer, Pennsylvania Family Institute, June 27, 2012 newsletter)

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