Monday, September 26, 2011

Abortion operates in a politically protected bubble

The Philadelphia Grand Jury investigation of the Gosnell abortion clinic scandal exposed allegations of murder of women and babies under the guise of medical care.

Even more, the Grand Jury revealed hat the abortion business in Pennsylvania has for many years operated in a politically protected "bubble," performing more than 35,000 abortions a year while escaping common medical standards.

On the Pennsylvania House floor, House bill HB 574 and Senate bill SB 732 are in process to add tough, common sense medical regulations over abortion clinics.

The most surprising moment was when State Rep. Margo Davidson, Democrat from Delaware county, stood to say her 22-year-old cousin died of an infection after visiting Gosnell's clinic 11 years ago. She gave an impassioned plea for the bill, despite being the sole member of the Black Caucus to vote for the bill. "It's still emotionally riveting all these years later," said Davidson. "She didn't have to die."

State Rep. Rick Saccone, Republican Allegheny county said:

"I ask my colleagues to look behind them on the ceiling above and remember the Scripture there from John, chapter 8, verse 32: 'Then you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.' Mr. Speaker, until these clinics are properly and regularly inspected, we will never know the truth of how many Gosnells are out there. I ask my colleagues: Among you, who will champion those who cannot speak for themselves? I implore you to face the truth and force those clinics out of the darkness and into the light!"
(excerpted from Thomas J. Shaheen, Pennsylvania Citizen, Pennsylvania Family Institute, September 2011 newsletter)

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