Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Truckload of Blessings, for the Tuvan people of Siberia

The complete Bible in the Tuvan language has finally been printed. Seven thousand Bibles were delivered to Vzaimodeistvie (InterAct Russia) in Kyzyl, Tuva. Of that number, 3,000 were immediately distributed including some 300 Bibles placed in the public libraries of Tuva. The remaining Bibles will be distributed by the churches of Tuva.

For the first time the complete Word of God is in the hands of the believers among whom sharing the gospel is a high priority.

We praise God for meeting this need and for leading in the hearts of many individuals and foundations to donate to this worthy project. Nearly $100,000 was donated by the generous ministry partners of InterAct Ministries partners.

A heartfelt thank you to those who gave to this project!

Testimony of Saylik

Saylik and her family
with Tuvan Bible.
"Tuvan Christians have long been waiting the Tuvan Bible. It is an opportunity to know what God is saying to us Tuvans. In our outlying regions, people only speak Tuvan and this Bible is very valuable for us. In the cities the Tuvan language is losing (to Russian), but this translation will help us to remember and use our language. Our language is very dear to us and within us. This translation is necessary for me like air is and I cannot go about living without it.

"Christians in Tuva have been long waiting this Bible because it is difficult to understand God's Word in Russian. Some people have waited 20 years; we have waited 12 years.

"The New Testament in Tuvan helped me to better know the love of God, how to live, and use some forgotten words of my native tongue. We are very thankful for this large labor and this new Bible. We believe that this is the beginning of a new era for our history and culture.

"In our hearts we are rejoicing giving praise to God and really value this translation. We hope that our sleeping people, in darkness, will see the Light and turn to their Savior."

(reproduced from Interaction, January 2012, Interact Ministries newsletter)

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