Sunday, March 11, 2012

That's a FACT - Creation Truth in Weekly Video Shorts

A new weekly show called That’s a Fact ( is designed to give one creation truth in two minutes or less. The goal of these fun video shorts is to capture the attention of those in the 21st century who depend more on digital devices and the Internet for their information. Professionally produced in Institute of Creation Research’s studio, That’s a Fact airs each week to an audience in over 100 countries. The new show had nearly 100,000 hits on its show site in the first three months of its launch. And this is just one of the many new shows that ICR will be using to teach biblical creation apologetics to up and coming generations

Nearly 5 million people from all over the world visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona every year. Many believe that this 277-mile long gorge had formed over millions of years, but another famous North American landmark shows that the Grand Canyon could have been created much faster and not long ago. Click here to watch this video explaining how.

(from Lawrence E. Ford, Celebrating 50 Years, Acts & Facts, January 2012, Institute for Creation Research)

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