Sunday, July 10, 2011

To find yourself, Go back to the beginning, Go back to Genesis

A worldview based on random variation, natural selection, and survival of the fittest is bound to pander to the sinful self-centered nature of fallen mankind. There are grave dangers to family life, church integrity, and national survival if the evolutionary system should ever truly prevail in the hearts and minds of most people. Evolution is not so much a science as it is a philosophy or an attitude of mind—and since no one was present to watch the supposed great evolutionary changes of the past, it is manifestly impossible to prove scientifically that they actually did take place.

Where do we begin to find the antidote?

All truth, in every area of life, finds its beginning in the Genesis record of creation and the other events of primeval history. That is why God placed it first in the Bible. The greatest Bible teacher of all time was the Lord Jesus Christ and, when He wanted to teach His friends about Himself and His great plan for the world, He began by teaching them the book of Genesis, the first of the books of Moses.

We must diligently try not only to win the lost to Christ, but also to bring the world itself back to God. We must try not only to win individual scientists and educators to Christ, but also to win science itself, and education itself, to Christ. Even many churches need to be brought back to the true God of Creation and to His inspired and authoritative word (beginning at Genesis!) as their basic rule of faith and practice.

(excerpted from Henry M. Morris, Beginning at Genesis, Acts & Facts, 1994, Institute for Creation Research)

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