Monday, July 11, 2011

ID cards still say Religion Status = Islam

Muslim-led governments prohibit Christian converts from changing the religion status on their ID card from Islam to Christianity, and some converts are using the Muslim ID to their advantage.

One new believer told me, "I go to the annual pilgrimmage to Mecca and walk around the Kaaba with hundreds of thousands. I will ask a man walking next to me, 'Is anyone sick in your family? Can I pray for them?' As we circle the black stone, they will tell me about illnesses or problems. I will say, 'I will pray in the name of Issa, Al Masih (Jesus, the Messiah). I pray as we are walking. They thank me for the prayers."

(from Tom White, Voice of the Martyrs, July 2011)

Mohammed Hegazy Holding Identity Card.
For a recent case of a new Christian who was refused a new identity card that did not say "Islam", see Egyptian Convert from Islam Mohammed Hegazy Lawsuit Delayed by Court, R.E.A.L. Organization, May 17, 2010.

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