Sunday, May 01, 2011

Trouble in Kenya, but "Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!"

Our team met a 21-year-old woman who just had a baby. Before the ethnic clashes in 2007 she lived with her family. Her father, a pastor, owned a small shop selling soap, clothing, etc., to pay her school fees. The store was robbed one day forcing her to quit school because of the financial loss. Later, when the clashes occurred, their home was burned down, and they were driven to the refugee camps. Now she lives with her mother, brothers and her new baby in a tent made of sticks and potato sacks. She invited us into their “home,” prayed for us and gave us food from the little bit she had. (One plate for our whole team.) Although her prayer is to go to school again, she said it was too late; she has a baby to care for now. Since she loves music, I wrote down the words to the song “Blessed be the Name of the Lord.” She loved the lyrics and sang the song over and over, afraid we would leave before she memorized the tune.

―Laurie Edwards, summer team leader to Kenya, WEC World Evangelism for Christ
(from Operation World Beyond 9/11, reproduced from WEC.go magazine, Spring 2011)

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