Monday, May 02, 2011

A Revolution of Secret Believers in the Middle East

You see it in the news. There is a groundswell of political revolution growing in the Middle East.

There is also a spiritual revolution taking place that is an amazing answer to our prayers. It's the rise of thousands of "secret believers" in the Middle East. It's happening supernaturally as a result of your prayers.

God is giving many Muslims dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. And when they experience a supernatural visitation from Jesus, they reach out for Him and for anyone who can help them to know him.

That's what happened to Efser, who lives in a non-Arabic Muslim country. She has been searching for God's truth all her life. Although she knows the Quran very well, she never found the inner peace she sought in Islam. But then one day she had a dream of a man chopping wood who told her to read the Gospel. And later she dreamed of a wooden cross with blood on it.

Though just a dream, Efser knew that it was Jesus and He was speaking to her. She knows He lives! He's not some dead prophet. He is revealing Himself to people today in our world. What a contrast to a dead religion of rules and rituals, like Islam.

Efser's dream began her quest to know the Lord Jesus and find someone to tell her about Him, which led her to our internet ministry where she is becoming discipled in the Lord.

(from a Christian prayer letter, March 2011)

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