Friday, May 27, 2011

The miracle that started the Turkish Church in Cologne Germany

The Turkish church of Cologne, Germany, got started after a dramatic event involving the daughter of a Turkish family...

Jesus still has power over demons!
Her parents asked a Turkish Christian brother and two others to pray for their daughter's deliverance from demons that plagued her. Not knowing how to do this, they consulted an older pastor who told them that speaking in Jesus' name gave them authority over evil spirits. When they prayed and ordered the demons to come out of the girl, they did!

As a result, many in her extended family repented and were baptized. The brother went on to organize the Turkish church of Cologne, and became its pastor. Most of these people are now very active in the church, which now has about 100 members. Many are former Muslims.

The church has recently planted a house church in another area. Please pray that the church will continue to grow and reach others for Christ.

(from a Christian prayer letter, May 2011)

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