Saturday, May 28, 2011

Buckled Mountains point to the Worldwide Flood of Genesis

"Throughout the mountain ranges of the world, there are enormous layers of sediment which have been bent and folded without breaking! This could only happen if these mountains were uplifted while the sedminent was of a soft, pliable, mud-like consistency" (from Censored Science, The Suppressed Evidence, p.54)

Buckled Mountains. Textbooks and museums frequently refer to some uplifting force that formed mountains. Can you see that an uplifting force, by itself, would not produce this pattern? Horizontal compression was needed to buckle these sedimentary layers near the Sullivan River in southern British Columbia, Canada. The layers must have been soft, like wet sand, at the time of compression.  Today, surface rocks are brittle.

Bruce Malone, the director of Search for the Truth Ministries, then goes on to tell the evolution "story" about the hundreds of millions of years needed to accumulate the sediment and how it would be rock hard and would break under the enormous upward pressures.

In contrast, Malone explains that the Biblical record describes a worldwide flood that resulted in a rapid accumulation of sediment that can account for the folded rock now visible!

(selected from Clifford L. Lillo, book review of Bruce A. Malone Censored Science, The Suppressed Evidence, published in Creation Research Society Quarterly Journal, Volume 47, Number 3, Winter 2011, to appear at

Not only have sediments been bent and folded without breaking, but Scripture has not been broken either...

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