Monday, February 28, 2011

Recent Sea Floor Formation is Scientific & Biblical Truth

Sea floor studies from the last few decades “show that today’s igneous ocean floor—all of it—has formed via seafloor spreading since roughly mid-way through the Flood.” And as Whitcomb and Morris suggested, “ocean basins were deepened after the Flood.” But what colossal energetic process could have done this?

It looks like the sea floors were made recently and rapidly. Experiments have demonstrated that silicate-rich sea floor “material can weaken dramatically, by factors of a billion or more, at mantle temperatures.”10 This means that once the earth’s crust was broken at the start of the Flood, hot mantle material, forming new lower ocean basins, propelled continent-size tectonic plates horizontally on the order of one meter per second. This catastrophic breakup and heating was implied in Genesis 7:11, which references the “fountains of the great deep” bursting forth.

The evidence for recent sea floor formation is one of the scientific observations made in the seminal book The Genesis Flood, written 50 years ago this month by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris. It is even more scientifically valid today than when first written. Most of the perspectives that were laid out by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris in their 1961 publication have been verified beyond reasonable doubt by ongoing observations..

(extracted from Frank Sherwin & Brian Thomas, Genesis Flood Insights More Relevant Today than Ever, Acts & Facts, February 2011, Institute of Creation Research)

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