Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jewish outreach on the Indian beach

You might think it strange that a Chosen People Ministries would go to India, but there is an excellent reason. The region of Goa is one of the most important destinations for Israeli tourists. Many young Israelis celebrate the completion of their compulsory military service with a few months of world travel, and the resort area of Goa in Southwest India is a popular destination. Known for its scenic beauty, it is a magnet for young Israelis who want to kick back on its splendid beaches or explore its lush landscape.

RB, who is with CPM, led a small team of young evangelists there to strike up conversations and to share the Gospel with Jewish people and others who were open to hearing about Messiah. RB says, "In Goa, we began meeting people. We had many long, spiritual conversations, with lots of questions being asked...especially at one late-night hang out, where two of our team members met a group of Israelis. One guy in particular asked them many questions about the Lord and said he never heard almost anything about Yeshua (Jesus) and was curious to understand. He asked questions for almost an hour."

Bringing Jewish people to faith in the Lord is often a step-by-step process - just as it says in John 4. One sows and another reaps, but we know that the Lord gains the glory.

(from Chosen People Ministries newsletter, February 2011)

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