Friday, December 31, 2010

Mixed Verdict in Turkey's trial of Christians

A Turkish Judge.
News from Turkey: after three years, the highly-publicized trial of Turan Topan and Hakan Taştan for supposedly slandering Turkish culture has come to a close.

The charges against the two men were based on a telephone call to state police claiming they were trying to form illegal groups in public schools. However, they had merely been distributing Scriptures among adults and visiting Bible Correspondence Course students.

Both were finally acquitted of the main charges against them, but were given a huge fine on a lesser charge.

Pray for fair treatment as they appeal this. Observers believe the charges and lengthy court case were fabricated to discourage national believers from sharing their faith. Ask God to overrule all of this and grant believers encouragement and exceptional boldness.

(from a Christian newsletted, January/February 2011)

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