Friday, December 31, 2010

Evangelical Seminaries and the Biblical Doctrine of Creation

What is most disturbing in our culture today is the way in which the Darwinian belief system - the "religion" of Darwin - has influenced those who name the name of Christ, even those calling themselves "evangelicals." For instance, two or three decades ago there were dozens of private Christian colleges that maintained a biblical doctrine of creation. Today, only a handful have resisted compromise.

Evangelical seminaries today are filled with professors who have compromised the biblical text. They train pastors that it's okay to teach evolutionary ideas - the Big Bang, millions and billions of years, common ancestry, etc. - to their congregations. Leaning on the understanding of men (who happen to wear lab coats and have impressive letters behind their names), these professors and pastors have opted not to lean on the understanding of God, placing science over Scripture when they open the book of Genesis.

(Lawrence E. Ford, Executive Editor, "Confronting Evolutionary Ideas", Acts & Facts, January 2011, Institute of Creation Research)

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