Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Only Friend of the Groom

Author Erwin McMannus tells the story of a certain UPS driver named Dave whose days were characterized by what might be called "drive-by relationships". His tight delivery schedule meant that he had enough time for little more than pleasantries as he raced in and out of his customers' lives. But then there was Ron. Ron was a gas-station attendant who loved to talk. Whenever Dave's route took him anywhere nearby, Ron would find him and follow him in and out of his truck while he dealt with customers, talking non-stop until Dave would finally have to just drive away. Dave was a believer, but he dreaded the inevitable delays of running into Ron.

Then one day Ron handed him an envelope. It was an invitation. Ron was getting married, and he wanted Dave to attend. For the next three weeks, Dave avoided giving him an answer, until one day in a moment of weakness he told him that he would come. The big day arrived, and Dave was ushered in and seated on the left-hand side of the chapel as a "friend" of the groom. As it turned out, he was the only one. All the other guests took their places on the right side as friends of the bride. Only later did Dave learn that, of the 150 people Ron had invited, Dave was the only one who showed up. When it came time for offering toasts, Ron stepped up to the microphone, looked over at where Dave was seated, and said: "I'd like you all to meet my best friend, Dave."

Not surprisingly, God eventually used that relationship to bring Ron to faith in Jesus.

(from a Christian prayer bulletin, July 2010)

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