Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Car accident in Muslim Central Asia - Jesus answers prayer!

In the middle of the night a believer in a Central Asian country recently woke to a loud crash below her apartment. She rushed to the street to find four unresponsive young people in a wrecked car, with gasoline pouring everywhere. Other neighbors came out and stood at a distance wailing Muslim prayers. She shouted to them that it was not the Allah of Islam they should cry to, but Jesus. As they remained far away in fear of an explosion, she dragged the four bodies from the vehicle to a safe location. Although she and the crowd believed all four were dead, she prayed over them in Jesus' name. As she did so, all four suddenly stood to their feet while the crowd looked on in amazement! Before this, neighbors had always avoided the woman because of her Christian faith. Now she has a steady stream of visitors with lots of questions about Jesus. Pray that many of them will choose to become His followers.

(from a Christian prayer bulletin, July 2010)

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