Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Divine Appointment in a Drab Ukrainian Orphanage

Every night when seven-year-old Tanya tried to sleep, memories haunted her. Memories of wandering around in the cold and trying not to be seen by the police while begging for money. The smile on her mom's face when Tanya brought home enough money. The hostility, anger, and beatings she received when she didn't. The gut-wrenching pain she felt when one of her mother's boyfriends stabbed her with a knife and another scalded her hands in boiling water.

Living in a drab, cold Ukrainian orphanage, Tanya prayed every day that God would give her a forever family. One afternoon her eyes lit up when she spotted a nice-looking young couple touring the orphanage. Tanya walked right up to them and told them she had been praying for a family.

What Tanya didn't know was that God was already working in this couple's hearts, prodding them to become part of New Hope's Orphan Care ministry. That day something very special, something they believe was a divine appointment, began. And about a year later, then-eight-year-old Tanya said good-bye to the stark orphanage and became part of Vasyl and Ira Fityo's family.

The weeks, months, and years ahead were anything but easy and smooth. It took a great deal of love, patience, prayer, and tenacity for Vasyl and Ira to help Tanya find wholeness and healing. But today, ten years later, 18-year-old Tanya's life has been imprinted and changed forever by this loving Christian family and their church community. Tanya is a happy, independent young lady who loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all of her heart.

Tanya's own words of appreciation: "I am very glad that you and New Hope Ukraine supported me financially and spiritually for all these years. May God bless you richly! Thank you, New Hope, for the chance in life you gave me by helping my parents find me and help me!"

(from the New Hope International newsletter, December 2012)
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