Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Bottle of Vodka Costs the Same as a Loaf of Bread

Alcoholism is a big problem in Romania, especially in the villages. It's quite common for families to self-produce --- and consume --- close to one hundred gallons of vodka a year. And lives that are on a path of destruction often pull others along with them. Especially in a land where a bottle of vodka costs the same as a loaf of bread.

But a Christian ministry offers true hope and change. As a result of their program, many Romanians not only get released from the bondage of their addiction, but also become followers of Christ. For them, this Christmas will not be about vodka and abuse, but about freedom and hope in Christ!

Levente Horvath.
This ministry is Good Shepherd Romania, a partner with 4D Ministries. Good Shepherd is led by Levente Horvath, who helps churches become "missional" --- to reach out with the love of Christ in order to see lost people redeemed and restored. Christmas to Levente is not about getting, but about passing on God's love and grace to those in need.

On average, the subsidy paid by Good Shepherd is about $400 per participant. The remaining 40 percent of the cost is paid by the family or sending church, which gives them a stake in the program, often resulting in much needed prayers and follow-up programs.

In the last few years over 700 people participated with a success rate of over 70 percent. That's about 500 people, both men and women, who have left their lives of alcohol. Many also became followers of Christ!

Levente did not look for a comfortable job when he got involved. It was clearly God's calling and empowering that made him a messenger of God's Good News to those desperate and in need. What an inspiration!

(from the 4D Ministries newsletter, December 2012. 4D means "for Deo/God")

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