Saturday, June 30, 2012

No, our business practices are based on Jesus' teachings

ASIA - Just read the headlines - ethics in American business seem to be optional. In certain Asian business contexts, they're non-existent.

Andrew*, a Crossworld worker running a business in Asia, sat in his office with Ridwan*, a young sales agent from a different company. Ridwan leaned forward and in a conspiratorial tone said, "If you want, I'll send our new clients to your company. You'll make a lot of money."

"And you'll make a commission on each one, right?" Andrew asked. Ridwan nodded, expecting Andrew to eagerly accept this standard practice and start negotiating details. Instead, Andrew said no - firmly. "Ridwan, my company is founded on principles of honesty and integrity. We're committed to dealing ethically in every detail." Ridwan's disappointment showed as he stood to leave, but then he noticed a Bible on Andrew's shelf. "Are you a Christian?"

"Yes. Our business practices are based on the teachings of Jesus. That's why I can't accept your offer."

Certain he'd never see Ridwan again, Andrew was surprised to hear from Ridwan three days later announcing he had quit his job and was opening his own company! Ridwan explained why: "During three years working as a sales manager under three different bosses, I've been lied to countless times and not one boss has ever fulfilled promises made on commissions or other business agreements." Andrew congratulated Ridwan on his new venture, and for the next few weeks, they exchanged emails about business, life and faith.

Soon Ridwan asked, "How does someone become a Christian?" Andrew explained the gospel to Ridwan in person, who immediately prayed to receive Christ as Savior.

End of story? Hardly. Now Ridwan must grow spiritually amid an antagonistic culture. His faith will be challenged. His business may suffer. His security may be threatened.

Pray for Andrew as he disciples Ridwan, and that together they will stand strong for Christ. Looking back, Andrew shares "I never imagined turning the guy down would make an impact - I'm glad God knew!"

(from the Crossworld newsletter, May 2012)

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