Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Evolutionists Believe in Flat Earth!!

Geologists who follow mainstream evolutionary thinking use the "standard geological column" to explain the different layers of rocks that they find in southeastern Utah and other areas near the Grand Canyon. This column displays all of the different eras of time, supposedly going back millions of years. The most well known in our popular culture are the Devonian, the Triassic, and of course, the Jurassic. The oldest layers in Utah are Precambrian, which go back 500 million years and more.

Please look at the diagram for this area. It shows the rock layers in brown. We see many pancake-like sedimentary layers in sequence. The problem is that geologists do not find layers of rock that correspond to all of the different geologic periods. In the figure, you can see that noticeably missing is rock from the early Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, late Mississippian, and many other ancient eras. This is represented by the cross-hatched areas. Such charts could be drawn anywhere, and all of them have the same gaps.

Where did all the in-between rock go?

For evolutionary geologists, the fact that layers are missing is the evidence for erosion. But millions of years of erosion would produce irregular terrain, but there is none—no stream beds, valleys, or canyons.

Evolutionists assign the “time” between two layers as tens of millions of years. But road cuts, some extending many miles, reveal layers of rock that are completely flat with featureless contacts between strata. In the diagram, the horizontal distance represents about 200 kilometers, while the total thickness of the actual strata is only about 3-1/2 km.

These geologists would have us believe that completely flat time gaps showing absolutely no erosion for  millions of years span the continent. This is an amazing finding. It is a return to Flat Earth theory!!

This is actually one more piece of evidence that "millions of years" is a completely suspect idea, based on circular reasoning. A far better explanation is that these different sedimentary layers were either water-deposited or water-eroded during a very short period of time. Could this be the signature of the global Flood, as described in the book of Genesis?

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