Friday, May 18, 2012

Parents of 12 children? That's not possible!

Olga and Anatoliy Sukach, Christians living in Ukraine, had the desire to adopt a girl after their 4th son was born. But years of home troubles and routine hid the intention. A good while later, the family visited a church in Dubechne village. Olga and Anatoliy had a good time communicating with the pastor, Mykola Krykota, who adopted three boys and is part of the Orphan Care program. After all they heard about orphans, Olga and Anatoliy felt a great desire to adopt a child that minute. The couple got the detailed information from the pastor and the next day started the document process. They wanted to adopt a girl, but instead they were offered four biological brothers and sisters. Though Olga and Anatoliy had not expected it, they trusted their Father in Heaven, Who through the Holy Spirit led them in the process of adoption. That's how 5) Olya, 6) Vitya, 7) Natalya, and 8) Vasyl came to the family.

Two years then passed and Olga read a newspaper article about children from Chernivtsi who lost both parents almost simultaneously. She read it to her husband and they decided to adopt those children. Looking at the picture in the newspaper, they already imagined how the kids would feel at home with them. But then the dream was broken when they were told they could not adopt children from another region. Since this couple was so ready to adopt again, they made their way to the Kovel Rehabilitation Center, where they were offered three brothers: 9) Roma, 10) Misha, and 11) Oleg. A girl named Vika, who is the boys' aunt, was with them in the center. Olga and Anatoliy adopted the brothers and promised Vika that they would find her a good family too. But a year later, they adopted 12) Vika as well.
Sukach family.
If someone would have told Anatoliy and Olga just a few years ago that they would be parents of 12 children today, they would have simply laughed and said that's impossible ...

Seeing what has done in this family, I am reminded that for God, all things are possible. I have the privilege of seeing this again and again, and I am so happy to share this example with you, my dear friends!

For more information on the New Hope Ukraine Orphan Care Program, see Change the World for One Child)

(from New Hope International, May 2012)

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