Monday, January 02, 2012

What do persecuted Cuban Christians ask for? Horses

In Cuba, where the communist government tries to control religious institutions while keeping its citizens mired in poverty, a horse and cart is one of the tools they need. "Donated" horses costing $500 horse are serving the needs of rural pastors and their entire congregation. The horses enable pastors to travel farther and reach more people with the gospel.

"Josue" Gonzalez, was one of five Cuban evangelists received a horse this year through special channels. He had to walk 15 to 20 miles to reach a community where he ministers. He would walk for several hours, arriving hot, sweaty and tired, in order to preach and share with people. Today Josue rides his horse, which saves him a great deal of time and energy. Now he arrives more rested and ready to teach the Word.

The horse carts can serve as transportation to bring believers to church or as an ambulance in a medical emergency. As many as 10 people can squeeze into the tiny wooden cart for church, and the carts have also been used to take women with labor complications to a medical clinic. During the week, pastors can use the horses as work animals on their small farms to help earn an income and feed their families. A contact in Cuba said, "The Christians have asked for so many horses that we can't keep up with the demand!"

(from Voice of the Martyrs newsletter, January 2012)

Marko comments: you may be thinking, "Horses? What about cars?" Perhaps you did not know that in Cuba people still drive Studebaker cars left over from the 1950's before Fidel Castro took over, started persecuting churches, and changed Cuba to a communist utopia... But the winds of change are upon Cuba, the government just recently legalized car ownership.

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