Friday, December 23, 2011

An Orphan's Difficult Journey

Martin grew up in a dreary Slovakian orphanage, but when he turned 18 he "aged out" of the orphanage and was forced to leave. Without money or any idea how to earn any, he decided to try stealing from local shops in hopes of getting arrested. At least in jail he would have a warm place to sleep and regular food. His plan worked and he spent most of the winter in prison. Aimless when he was released, Martin turned to alcohol to dull the pain. His bed was a park bench.

Lukas, a youth worker trained by New Hope Slovakia, spotted Martin sleeping in the park one afternoon. After waking him up and giving him some food, Lukas struck up a friendship with Martin and ended up spending time with him every day. Martin enjoyed his company - and the food Lukas brought him. And each day Lukas told Martin about Jesus.

It took several months, but Lukas had the joy of introducing Martin to Christ recently. Today Martin is super-charged about his faith and he's enthusiastic about telling others what God has done for him. Just last month, Martin began training other Slovakian believers for a special outreach inside a local orphanage.

Priase God for his work to bring orphans to Himself!

(from New Hope International prayer letter, December 2011)

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