Sunday, November 06, 2011

The message of salvation - wrapped very securely in a small plastic bag

The young hostess said, "We've watched the Jesus Film many times since we found it in the canal behind our house." The foreign Christian couple were amazed - they had just finished a breakfast of homemade butter, cheese, cucumbers, olives and tomatoes, along with plenty of good hot tea. "You could watch a movie after it had been in water?" they asked. The Kurdish woman replied, "It was wrapped very securely and put in a small plastic bag. This also contained a New Testament that wasn't damaged."

Although her visitors carefully explained the message of salvation, she remains staunchly loyal to Islam.

Pray that this young woman and her family will continue to read the New Testament and ponder its message. Ask God to open their spiritual eyes to discern between truth and error.

Please also give thanks for whoever placed the film and New Testament nearby! May the Kurdish woman recognize that God's message of salvation is also wrapped up very securely, in the person of Jesus Christ.

(from a Christian prayer letter, November 2011)

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