Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jesus speaks to the heart of a Muslim - through Internet Chat

Sinan is a young Muslim lawyer with a passion for truth and justice. When Sinan found the evangelistic Internet chat room, he was quite skeptical. He would get on and make comments defending Islam. He was defensive and argued strongly for his points. But God's Word began to speak to his heart, and last December, Sinan received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Some time later, Sinan made a trip to see his family. By faith he told them that he had decided to follow the teachings of Jesus. His family's reaction was extreme, but not surprising. His elder brothers pointed guns at him and demanded that he denounce Jesus and become a Muslim again. Sinan refused. They did not kill him, but asked him to leave right away and never come back - unless he became a Muslim again.

There are many others throughout the Middle East and Europe, like Sinan, who are getting answers to their questions about the Bible and Jesus Christ on the Internet. They know that Islam does not offer assurance of salvation, and yet they long to be right with God. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can give them the assurance they desire. And they are willing to face the persecution of family and friends to find it.

(from a Christian prayer letter, November 2011)

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