Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Jesus rescues Muslims from the occult side of Islam

The evil eye is a subject that generates a great deal of fear and superstitious bondage among Muslims of many countries. It is commonly believed that a jealous or hateful glance, or even a look of admiration, can deliberately or unwittingly bring a curse on others. Babies and young children are thought to be especia1ly vulnerable. For this reason, mothers typically pin blue and white charms on their little ones in the hope that this will protect them.

Occult practices are common in the world of the average Muslim. Many pray to Muslim saints at their tombs, visit astrologers and fortune tellers, wear protective lockets with verses from the Kor'an, and hire shamans and witches to place spells or curses on others.

A Christian camp in a Muslim country recently ministered to teens from horrific backgrounds surrounded by occult practices. Some of their families make sacrifices to folk gods, have incestuous relationships, are prone to violence, and are infested with demon possession.

Pray that these young people and their loved ones will be delivered from satanic bondage and experience the joy of salvation. Pray that Muslims who become followers of Christ will be diligent to forsake such practices, and will use the authority of Jesus to deal with such evils.

(from a Christian prayer letter, November 2011)

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