Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Witness in the Mosque

From a Muslim woman who gave her life to Jesus: "Islam says if you change your religion you can't go to heaven. This makes everybody frightened. But Iranians are looking for God. They hate Islam and they hate the government. Seeing the results of this system they are depressed. Everybody is serious faced. They are under such pressure. When they hear about Jesus and see our happy faces or the happy color of a scarf we wear, like red, yellow or white, they are surprised and want to know why. The happiness, joy and kindness Jesus brings to people who accept him draw others to them.

"Before we go out to tell people about Christ, we pray and ask God to show us who really needs God and loves God, and God shows us which people to speak to.

"I have gone into the mosque about a dozen times. There the women must sit behind a divider and cannot see the men. We must all wear our black chador in the mosque. I take gospel tracts with me, and I sit there on the rug among the women and ask God if he will show someone to me. In one mosque they had a library. I put a Bible in the library. The next time I went, they were searching all the bags of the women as we went in. On Tuesday when I go to the mosque, we give the leaders a prayer request. I print a small note about Jesus, fold it up and hand it back to them.

"With the personality God has given me, I do nor fear at all. Nothing is more important for me in these times."

(from Voice of the Martyrs, October 2011 prayer letter)

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