Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Muslims told him "you are too obese to pray to God"

Imagine being told you were too obese to pray to God. For Waled*, a college student in the Middle East, this was his reality when he went to the local mosque to pray with his Muslim father.

Because of a prolonged illness Waled's weight had been an issue for most of his life. His mother, a strong believer, came to know Christ eight years prior through two missionaries. She faithfully prayed for God to heal her son. But when Waled was sent away from the mosque, God opened a door for him to see the unconditional love of the one true savior. Upon returning home, Waled asked his mother if Jesus would let him pray to him even though he was obese.At this delicate time, Waled's mother was able to share the gospel with him and several months later, Waled came to know Christ.

Pray that God will continue to work through missionaries and those who have come to faith in the Middle East as the establish churches in the Middle East

(from a Christian prayer letter, September 2011)

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