Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Iranian believers must watch for government spies

From Muslims who have turned to Christ in Iran: "A spirit of fear dominates our city. It is the most religious city in Iran. No churches are allowed there. Police are all over our city before a religious holiday, making sure the city is prepared for the observances.

"We changed houses when a neighbor asked us what was going on. After we bought a house, we held meetings there. In the evening, we look through a peephole in the door when we hear a knock. The believers come in alone or with their spouses, two at a time. They never get out of a car in front of our house. When the believers come in, we have them take the battery out of their cell phones. At another house, a person left his battery in and the police tracked him and caught him.

"Some of our friends have been interrogated by the police. After the police came and took away our three satellite dishes so that we could not watch the Christian television station Mohabat TV, we moved to another house. We have moved twice. One time was because my father told the police about us. He even went to our child's school to talk to the principal. Then my father told us that he is going to take our child away.

"One of our members had a friend who came to him with a burst of questions: Where do you meet? Do you see any other believers? Help me to attend your church. I want to be a church member. They told this possible spy, 'I am only connected to Jesus. If you want to be connected to a church, be connected to Jesus and he will take care of all your needs.'"

(from Voice of the Martyrs, October 2011 prayer letter)

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