Thursday, October 13, 2011

Charms, masks, crystals and beads: demonic power on display in the U.S.

A true testimony from a Christian worker: Having been a missionary in a country where witchcraft is an everyday part of life, I am very careful with what comes into our home, even while here in the United States. Charms, masks, crystals and beads all come under scrutiny.

A dear friend gave me a lovely black statue of a woman—her head slightly bowed, a baby in her arms, her young child standing close by. I thought this piece would complement a beautiful black wooden cross I own, so I set the mother facing the cross and went on about my business.

After awhile I realized the statue of the mother had turned. Without thinking, I repositioned her. Over the next couple of days I unthinkingly turned the statue around several times before a light bulb came on in my head―this statue is turning her back to the cross! I checked with the family to see if they had moved the statue, but no one had touched the piece.

That afternoon I discussed this enigma with my daughter, Megan. I again turned the statue to face the cross and asked Megan to tell me if it moved. We stayed in that room and soon Megan whispered, “Mom, it moved.” Without hesitation I took that statue outside and smashed it with a hammer, then threw the pieces into a nearby dumpster.

There are things made with man's hands that have dark meaning, especially if they were made in countries where witchcraft and sorcery are practiced. But we needn't be paranoid because Jesus has conquered the world!

(from WEC.Go Magazine, Fall 2011)

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