Saturday, September 17, 2011

Satan did not want that van to get to the village, but Jesus did...

A true story from Christian missionaries in Central Asia: "We assumed it would be an uneventful six-hour drive to our target mountain village. As an intercessory prayer team we had faced several spiritual battles the previous week. On this day of travel we wanted to rest and rejuvenate. When the oil suddenly disappeared from the van's engine in the middle of the desert, we didn’t think much of it. Our mechanic/driver added oil. But when we entered a certain river valley to get up to the top of a pass, the van began to unravel. First, the brakes went out; then the transmission broke. Next the steering went out, and things that were already repaired on the vehicle began to break down again. This series got our attention, and we began to pray a bit more aggressively. When the van almost went over a cliff on two occasions we knew we were in a battle! The enemy did not want us to reach that mountain community with the truth of Jesus Christ."

"We began to battle quite vocally through prayer and worship despite being in a communist country with a driver who was not Christian. We knew our lives were at stake. Our day trip had now extended late into the freezing-cold night. Since there is very little travel in the remote desert, the probability of help was slim. Suddenly, a driver in a jeep appeared and stopped to help fix our van. He followed us and repeatedly stopped to help us. Eventually we reached the summit and could coast down to the village. The jeep? Well, it just vanished into the darkness. Over the next few days, as we prayed through the region, the van almost flipped over twice for no reason at all while driving on flat ground. Satan did not want to give up his territory and wanted us out of there. When we finally returned from the trip, our driver confessed that he had been scared and shocked at how the van almost tumbled for no apparent reason. Today, two-and-a-half years later, a church graces that remote mountain village!"

(from WEC.Go Magazine, Fall 2011)

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