Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ramadan is Finally Over

The month of Ramadan finished on August 18th this year. Thoughout the Muslim world, Ramadan brings a dark, evil spirit over the entire region. It's a month that brings oppression, fear, anger, and even death.

One missionary wrote to explain how in a dream, the Lord showed him that when the call to prayer goes off, it releases demons across the region who draw heavy nets over the minds and hearts of the people, keeping them bound in darkness. He writes...
Historically and in our experience, it is truly a time when minds are dulled to truth, hope, or faith. New and national believers in Jesus very often come under very strong attacks and setbacks. Every local knows that the spirit of argument is waiting to explode on every street corner. There are times of day when it's best to not be traveling, as drivers and road rage are so ridiculous it would almost be funny if it wasn't so tragic or potentially dangerous
With every call to morning prayer, people in many Muslims countries start their day facing the summer heat, hunger and irritation. They do this to please "Allah," whom they do not know personally, nor believe they CAN know personally. He demands meritorious work to gain his favor, but offers virtually no assurance of salvation.

But they do know the consequence they will face if they break the fast and eat during the day. Some people are socially ostracized and hassled; others are beaten for insulting Islam!

This is a huge contrast to the message of Christ who said "Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest." What the Muslim heart needs is rest from dead religious works and the free gift of salvation that comes through Jesus Christ!

Please, we ask you for urgent, intensive intercessory prayer!

Please pray that the light of Jesus Christ will pierce the darkness. Many Muslims are opening their hearts to Christ, as they hear the gospel. They recognize the hopelessness of their own religion and are deeply seeking other ways to know God. Christ is the only solution for the Muslim heart who cannot find rest or peace in Islam.

(from a Christian prayer letter, August 2011)

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