Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christian book impacts many students at a Muslim university

"From Adam to Jesus"
Engin Duran was amazed to learn that the young man had read his book Adem'den İsa'ya  (From Adam to Jesus). He explained that it was being passed around among students at his university.

Here is what it says on the back cover (translated to English):
"Who am I? Where do I come? Where will I go? What is the purpose of my life? Who created me? How do I recognize him? What should be my relationship with God? These and many other questions are questions that need to be answered and can not be ignored. The answers we will find not only affect our lives in this world, but also beyond this life. There is a single source where we can find these answers. It is the Bible, the Word of God, which is unchanged to this present day. This author of this book that you hold in your hands can tell you from his personal experience how he came to understand that the Bible is the Word of God. God is telling you this, ands want to point you to His will. The Bible tells us in 1 John 4:16 that "God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them." The Bible explains how God showed himself to mankind in history, to people that put their trust in our Creator.
Pray that the book's message will have a powerful impact on many lives at this Muslim university. Also pray that God would encourage Engin Duran in his ministry.

(based on a Christian prayer letter, September 2011)

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