Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Become a support partner for an adopted orphan like Katya

"Our youngest daughter's name is Katya. She was abandoned at the hospital. Her parents were alcoholics. They do not want to have any connection with their daughter. Her health is really bad because of lots of inborn pathologies. Please pray for her physical and spiritual health and revival. Weed need God's wisdom in raising all our children." (testimony of Nataliya and Oleksandr Tseplyayevy, Christian adoptive parents from Ukraine)

Katya is one of 60 children in the New Hope Orphan Care Program of Ukraine who were recently adopted domestically and live in a loving family. However, they have no prayer and support partners in the U.S. If you are willing to help Katya or other children who need support, please share this prayer need with your friends. Perhaps God will touch someone's heart and one more child in Ukraine will have a loving family who cares about her.

(from the New Hope International prayer letter, July 2011)

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