Sunday, July 31, 2011

Press On

There’s a course that must be finished,
there’s a race that must be run.
There’s a mission to accomplish,
and a battle to be won!
We’ve been called to take the challenge
by God’s might and through His Son;
He will give us grace to complete the race,
moving forward, pressing on.

Chorus: Toward the hope of our high calling,
toward the promise we’ve received,
with the strength that we’ve been given
pressing on to victory!
And toward the One who’s run before us,
as we lay each weight aside,
‘Til the race is run, ’til the prize is won,
’til we reach the finish line, Press on!

There’s a faithful cloud of witnesses
who inspire us in our task.
They have fought the fight, they have run the race,
they have won the crown at last!
And the lives they’ve lived remind us
though the race at times seems long,
God will give the grace to complete the race,
and the courage to press on.

(words by Brigette Smisor)

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