Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Knowing God website

The "Knowing God" website, is a fresh new source for people wishing to learn more about God. When you visit "Knowing God", you can request follow-up from someone who cares. For example, during April 2011, a ministry in Poland using the site had 33 thousand first time visits, over 5 thousand people accepted Jesus as their savior, and 465 requested follow-up. The website was developed by a French evangelical ministry.

The word "God" or "Jesus" is typed into Google's search engine more than 70 million times every day! All over the world people want to know more about God. When people search for Him on the Internet, more and more are finding them at Knowing God.

People desiring to know more are directed to the five-week "Why Jesus?" program, where they go through 5 lessons with their "e-coach." They are invited to meet their e-coach and fellow students in forums and chat rooms. The relationships bring "graduates" together in small groups and ultimately a local church.

The five-week course, now translated in more than ten languages, is part of a "stepping stone strategy". The diagram illustrates how the program helps seekers find their way to God. It also helps Christians leave their comfort zone and come alongside seekers to find their way to Christ.

The left side illustrates the "Land without God." People on this side know little or nothing about the other side. They do not realize how relevant this new life in Jesus is, either for their lives today or for their eternal lives. They feel comfortable even though they may struggle with life's questions. That's where we come along side to help them find answers and lead them to Jesus Christ.

It's exciting to see fresh, new tools being used to communicate the age-old, unchanging message of Jesus and the Cross.

(from New Hope International's "Connect" prayer letter, July 2011)

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