Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Hope promotes the Gospel and spiritual growth - via Internet fellowship

Bedouins in North Africa no longer plan their movements according to water availability, but according to cell phone coverage. Internet, social media, and other web-based tools are amazing - New Hope International is now using them to communicate the gospel and deliver ministry resources.

Our goal is not only for people to develop a personal relationship with Christ, but also to bring them into community with other Christ-followers. Sometimes this step happens online in chat rooms, but the most important step is small study groups or clubs and ultimately into a local church! Though the initial steps may be for us connecting with where the seeker is, the ultimate goal for the "step strategy" is to become part of a community of Christ followers. Connections are made and relationships built ... with life-changing results!

Pray for the New Hope technical support team, particularly in Ukraine, as they migrate and train the New Hope team throughout Eastern Europe in the use of their new websites. Pray for a short learning curve and little lost momentum during the changes. Pray that the new sites will be effective in delivering tools for ministry. Pray also for the completion of a more elaborate site for New Hope Ukraine (similar to Amazon!) where all Christian publishers will be able to make their resources available. 

(New Hope International newsletter, June 2011)

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